About us

As a division of Alliance Concrete Pumps Inc., is one of the most effective places to shop for or sell a used pump. 

Let’s talk about the advantages for both the buyer and seller when working with is directly affiliated with Alliance Concrete Pumps Inc. As a manufacturer of new pumps, we have eight talented salesmen throughout North America actively seeking pumping companies to manufacture new units for. Our regional sales representatives often come across buyers looking for used pumps, and we want to work with customers in all stages of the business cycle. That means, getting the customer the best machine that fulfills their current need. If that is a used concrete pump… . is not an idle website waiting around for organic inbound listings. When you list with us you are tapping into 8 guys who travel, cold call and knock on doors to find buyers. Because of their constant footwork we continually have a large inventory of good units to choose from and you can expect We are constantly creating an ever changing stock that attracts both buyers and sellers alike.

We are a  manufacturer of new pumps and because we’ve earned the  of the industry, we, as a broker, are . This is a HUGE advantage for both the buyer and the seller and we see that trust factor at work all the time.
Alliance also has  and can get you in touch with and get your buyer approved by lenders that we work with in our industry. Whether you are just starting out, rapidly expanding or tightly extended … these contacts can be very helpful.

After a deal has been reached between the buyer and the seller, there are important steps that need to take place to properly complete the transaction. If you want us to, as the broker in the purchase of your used but new-to-you pump, we can help you with each of these, such as a lien search and mechanical inspection to name just two.

Finally, once everything is said and done and all that’s left is the delivery there’s one more way working with gives you an advantage. When you are the buyer we know you’re busy, that’s why you need another pump! The seller is busy too, we get it. So we make the last part of the process as easy as possible. If the pump is in Texas and you’re in Arizona (or Alberta, Florida or Dubai) domestic and especially international, can be a logistic that neither of you have time for. You can choose for us to manage this for you. At Alliance we have access to a team of and can  required to get your pump delivered.
We’re always available at 1-888-870-0908 if you want to talk to us. Really, 24/7 someone will answer that phone, just another great reason to work with and Alliance Concrete Pumps Inc.